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Scrap Metal Prices Chase, Michigan. When you need professional and efficient recycling services, turn to the salvage yards of Fair Salvage Company in Central Michigan. We buy all sorts of scrap metal to help you clear your property of unwanted junk. Specializing in recycling steel, vehicles, copper, aluminum, brass, and batteries, we assure you that we offer the best prices for the materials you wish to recycle. Recycling is easy when you partner with Fair Salvage Company. Our salvage yards purchase various types of recyclable materials for your convenience. Just drop by our offices with the items you wish to sell today. If you have scrap metal pricing inquiries or want to learn more about the recycling services we offer, please get in touch with us using the information provided. Planning on selling the scrap metal lying around your property? Be it aluminum, copper, or brass, Fair Salvage Company in Central Michigan can purchase your recyclable materials at great prices. Learn about
Scrap metal price Miami. We buy all types of scrap metal from electricians, plumbers, window manufactures, construction workers, aerospace and industrial companies. We are interested in aluminum, copper, brass, steel, electric wire, batteries, stainless steel, compressors,radiators, motors, Iron Scrap HMS 1, Electronic Cables, Steel prepared, electrical wire scrap, high temperature alloys, cable scrap, electronic scrap. We have a fleet of trucks ready to pick up your scrap metal and pay you on the spot. USA scrap metals and Recycling in miami provides metal storage containers to be kept at your facility until is ready for pick up. ALL prices are subject to change based on markets and quality. Some prices can be held for large quantities of 500 pounds. At USA Scrap Metal & Recycling we pride ourselves in providing excellent service
Scrap metal prices New York, Brooklyn. T&T Scrap is the complete solution for purchasing all of your ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Offering state of the art scales, roll-off container services and on-site weigh and pay. We have the facility and equipment necessary to handle large industrial scrap from your NY Metro construction and reconstruction projects. T&T Scrap prides itself in making recycling scrap metal as easy as possible! When necessary, T&T Scrap will send out a purchasing agent to inspect your large scrap metal piles and create a plan to clean up and remove the scrap metal. T&T Scrap will then send a container (roll off, end dump, or flatbed trailer) to your location to transport the scrap metal from your location to T&T Scrap’s processing facility and recycle the material. Please call for information on what T&T Scrap is buying, current pricing, terms and conditions, or for any other questions at 718-366-4017
Scrap metal prices Houston, Texas. All non-ferrous metals are welcome at our facility. Metals like alloys, aluminum, brass, copper, and insulted wire are accepted here at Astro City Scrap Metal yard. To learn more about the type of metals and work we do here, call our team today or visit our scrap yard. Being one of Houston’s biggest scrap non-ferrous yards, our top priority is to make sure you get the money you deserve. The price of scrap fluctuates frequently. However, you can trust us to give the fairest and most accurate price. Our pricing is updated every morning so you can see precisely what you’ll get for your scrap copper, brass, or other non-ferrous materials. In the rare event, the market is reacting to a special event, the pricing of non-ferrous metal can change drastically, so always call before visiting our scrap yard. Call us at 713-697-2999 to learn the value of your scrap.
Cash for gold Brighton Michigan. Current scrap gold prices. Whether you would like to sell gold or sell gold jewelry, Andre's Fine Jewelers, Michigan's premier gold buyers, will take the time to explain all aspects of your scrap gold. Andre's Fine Jewelers will prove to you that we are the best place to sell gold. You will be greeted in the safe and pleasant environment of our showroom in downtown Brighton Michigan to sell your fine jewelry. Our expert staff will evaluate your jewelry and quote you a price after analyzing it. We understand that customers wanting to know where to sell gold can find information from other gold buyers to be confusing. Andre's Fine Jewelers lists our gold price in both grams and pennyweights. This allows our customers to compare with other cash for gold buyers that are misrepresenting their scrap gold prices by quoting in pennyweights only
Scrap metal prices Los Angeles, California. Greener Recycling is a scrap yard where we pay top money for copper and other non-ferrous metals scrap. Greener Recycling provides scrap metal pick up service for your materials from commercial and industrial facilities. We pay top prices for these items and help improve your revenue stream by turning your metal scrap into cash. We can provide safe, easy pickup with equipment of various sizes and capabilities. Greener Recycling's goal is customer satisfaction and we achieve this by paying competitive prices and providing superior service. With metal prices stabilizing, it is time to let our scrap yard experts create a custom metal recycling solution for your business. Let Greener Recycling come to your business or warehouse, and recommend effective ways for you to sort and control your unused or surplus metal assets. We buy scrap copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, insulated wire, stainless steel, radiators, etc. No need to look for nearest scr
Scrap metal prices Middlesex, New Jersey. Frontier Metals, Inc. is a privately held non-ferrous metal processor located in Middlesex, New Jersey. Our primary objective is to assist wire and cable manufacturers, utilities and dealers to maximize their metal recovery. With over 100 total years of industry experience, we are metal and commodity experts as well as technical experts in recovering copper from copper bearing scrap. We actively participate in the global metal market through our import and export capabilities with hedging facilities on the LME and COMEX. All locations warehouse and distribute a wide range of copper-based alloys, aluminum, tin, zinc, nickel and lead for resale to mills and foundries in North America, Europe and Asia
Los Angeles Cash for Gold - sell gold locally. LA Cash for Gold™ is located in the city of Pasadena California. LA Cash for Gold™ offers a unique perspective to the Gold Buying industry. In 2007 we researched the Cash for Gold Market™ and discovered there was no foundation for a person looking to sell gold, silver and platinum publicly; to be able to price out their items by factoring in the key component. The gram weight, metal purity, and finally the payout percentage the company buying the item was offering based of the current spot price. As a wholesale Jewelry manufacturer, purchasing precious metals and quality diamonds is the key component we use daily to create our very own unique jewelry and designs. After years of business and research we decided to start buying gold and diamonds. To become a legitimate gold buying business, we obtained proper licensing from the state of California. Through the success of our jewelry manufacturing and precious metals buying, we now hol
Scrap metal prices in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. We Pay you for scrap metal! But we do so much more than that. We also recycle appliances and electronics and provide roll-off boxes and recycling solutions for local governments and property managers. JR’s Advanced Recyclers has served Minnesota and the Upper Midwest for over 35 years. You can trust us to handle your scrap metal, appliance, or electronics recycling in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner! We PAY you for your old, outdated or unused metal. We purchase all types of scrap metal for recycling, including all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and materials. Contact us for a custom, hassle-free quote for your project! Our scrap metal prices are updated daily, but they are subject to change at anytime without notice. If you have appliances you’d like to get rid of, let us recycle them! You can drop them off, or contact us and we’ll arranged a customized pick-up service. As you can tell by the list below, we can
Scrap gold prices Des Plaines, Chicago Illinois, United States. Precious Metal Refinery Services. Serving Precious Metals Generators and Exceeding Expectations for Over 30 Years. Mid-States Recycling and Refining specialize in accurate, verifiable, and transparent precious metal refinery services for customers throughout the United States. We provide the highest returns, work that meets or exceeds industry standards, and service delivered with integrity and accountability. Using today’s most advanced smelting, sampling and refining technology, performed by highly trained refining specialists and chemists with decades of industry experience, we offer the most comprehensive refining, assaying and in-house metal trading for all precious metals, including: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Iridium. We also provide diamond and gemstone recovery services for jewelers and pawnbrokers
Scrap metal prices Salt Lake City. Utah Metal Works only processes non-ferrous metals such as: Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel and Stainless Steel alloys, Precious Metals, Tin, Titanium, Zinc and More. Chances are you have items around your house or left over after a garage sale that contain significant amounts of these non-ferrous metals just waiting to be cashed in. Visit our pricing page to see current prices per pound for these valuable commodities or contact UMW for more detailed information about post-consumer scrap. If you don’t know what kinds of metal an item may contain: call us and we’ll tell you. Before you go to the dump, come to us and we will pay you current fair market value for your unwanted metal goods. Note: pre-sorted materials command a better price as do clean materials and items with nothing else attached. We are known in the industry for our honesty and integrity, and you can be sure you are always getting a competitive return along with superior service
Scrap gold prices Lakewood, Colorado. How much money can you expect for your unused scrap gold? How much is gold worth? We’ll tell you all the important facts about the current scrap gold prices. The calculation for your scrap gold price is based on the current market price. You can expect more money when the gold price is rising and less money when the gold price drops. Individuals and commercial clients can calculate current prices for their scrap gold by using our reDollar gold calculator. We offer binding quotes without any deductions or hidden fees in our terms. We also offer great prices for your scrap gold, just 10% below spot price. Such high prices are very rare in the industry, as local gold buyers typically offer 50–40% below spot. Only refineries that work solely with businesses can compete with our prices. Send us an email at [email protected] to receive an offer for your gold, or use our gold calculator to find out its value
Cash for gold New York | Cash for gold scrap 14kt New York. Cash for gold scrap 18kt. Cash for gold scrap 24kt New York. is a well established Company that specializes in the purchase of precious metals. Dear Valued Client, Here is a short visual summary of how we process the gold. Fire Assay procedure remained the same through out centuries. Because of our high volume of daily purchases nationwide, we are able to pay you, the Seller, up to 98.50% for your unwanted and broken jewelry. Why deal with your local gold buyer that will offer you pennies on the dollar when you can align your gold items with many of our other Sellers and receive up to 98.50% of the true market value. At US Gold Buyers, we’re here to help and get you the highest market value for your gold, jewelry and other valuables. Give us a call or email us anytime.
Scrap metal yard Rockville. Scrap Metal Price Maryland, USA. Cash for scrap Aluminium / Scrap Aluminum price Rockville. Cash for scrap copper Rockville / Scrap copper price. Cash for scrap brass / scrap brass price Rockville. Scrap car price. Scrap stainless steel price. When trying anything new, the more you know beforehand, the more confident you are when you start. Whether visiting our scrap yard in Rockville for the first time or bringing in a type of metal you’ve never recycled before, we want your visit to go smoothly. Household clean out usually results in a lot of junk and a lot of scrap metal! Bring in your household items for cash. Some metal products contain hazardous materials or chemicals, making them unsafe to recycle. Appliances containing CFC fluid, like refrigerators and A/C units, need to be remediated prior to delivery.
Scrap metal price USA, Kansas. Cash for scrap battery. Cash for scrap metal Kansas. Cash for scarp Aluminum. Cash for scrap copper. Cash for scrap brass. Cash for scrap stainless steel. Cash for scrap lead. WE BUY ALL FERROUS AND NON-FERROUS SCRAP METAL! CMC Recycling in Independence pays top dollar for your scrap metals and we welcome all commercial and industrial businesses, dealers, brokers and individuals looking to sell their scrap metal. Recycling customers receive maximum value for their scrap metal. CMC Recycling welcomes anyone who recycles scrap metal, with most of our locations equipped and ready to serve individual recyclers! Individual visitors to our locations will be met by our friendly and experienced staff who can assist with all your recycling needs. Whether you’ll visit every week or just once or twice a year, our staff are ready to walk you through the entire process - from sorting, grading and evaluating your scrap, to assessing the value and processing payment.
Scrap metal prices Topeka. Langley Recycling is committed to buying, selling, and processing scrap metal with the knowledge and professionalism to make us a leader in the scrap metal business. The team at Langley Recycling specializes in recycling your non-magnetic materials. If you have metals that don’t contain iron or steel, we can recycle them for you. Metals such as copper, aluminum, brass and tin are recycled at our facility. Bring your items that may include window frames, household hardware, wires, car parts and more. Bring Your non-ferrous items in today. We can recycle any type of metal, including magnetic metals that contain iron and steel. We can recycle materials that include iron, tin, steel, automobile parts, appliances and more. Whether it is scrap materials, or car parts and vehicle parts, we can recycle your materials and give you cash right away
Scrap Metal Price New Jersey. Scrap batteries price Rockaway. Scrap Aluminum price New Jersey. Scrap copper price. Scrap brass price. Scrap stainless steel price New Jersey. Scrap lead price. Rockaway Recycling has been an industry leader and scrap yard for many years recycling scrap metal in New Jersey and the Tri-State Area. By providing our community an outlet to recycle metal, we have kept millions of pounds of material from being dumped in landfills. Rockaway Recycling has been a family run New Jersey scrap yard located in Rockaway since 1977. Over the years, our yard and team members have recycled millions of pounds of scrap metals like copper, brass, insulated copper wire, aluminum, and steel with thousands of customers. Once you arrive at our scrap yard, our team will be happy to help you unload your truck, assist in sorting your metals, and weigh your scrap metal on our state-certified scales. We also provide scrap metal pick up services in the Tri-State area of New Jersey, P
Scrap Metal Price in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Cash for scrap metal. We purchase almost all varieties of scrap metal including vehicles, catalytic converters, aluminum, brass, copper, steel, miscellaneous scrap, ferrous, non-ferrous, and more! Conveniently located between St. Paul and Minneapolis, Metro Metals Recycling gives the best prices for your scrap vehicles and scrap metal. Easy to get access, easy to drop off, and you get your cash on the spot! But where does all of the scrap go from changing out quarter panels, mangled bumpers, and unsalvageable hoods? At Metro Metals Recycling, we know how costly your venture can be. That’s why we want to pay YOU for your excess scrap metal created from your job sites. That’s right! Bring your scrap metal to Metro Metals Recycling and we’ll pay you for your scrap. From Catalytic Converters to copper wiring, stainless steel to aluminum, iron, ferrous and non-ferrous, Metro Metals Recycling offers the most competitive prices in the Twin C